Contemporary School Choice Programs

Contemporary School Choice Options

School Vouchers
Public funds paid directly to a private education entity on behalf of a student

ESA Vouchers
School vouchers drawn from public funds and paid directly to parents

Tax Credit Scholarships
Publicly funded tax credits for donations to private school scholarship funds

Individual Tax Credits & Deductions
Publicly funded tax discounts credited for private education expenses

Charter Schools
Publicly funded schools run by private entities often with different rules

Magnet Schools
Public schools designed around specific programs or curricula to attract students

Open Enrollment
Permits students to attend schools outside of their residential district boundary

Home School
Educating students privately in one’s own home

Online Learning
Learning via the internet, and often publicly funded through another program

Customized Learning
A combination of publicly funded programs, from ESAs to public, online and more

Town Tuitioning
Publicly funded vouchers for students who don’t have a public school

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