"Speaking of Schools" Series
Watch our Speaking of Schools series with experts from Arizona and across the US on a variety of topics centered on education
The State Of Arizona's Rural Schools
Read our comprehensive new report on the state of Arizona’s rural schools, and how their urgent needs can best be met.
Get the Facts and Resources on Arizona's Classroom Crisis
Learn about how our taxpayer dollars subsidize school choice programs for a select few


What is the privatization of public education? Who is behind it? And what role has Arizona played? Since then the value of publicly-funded universal education systems open to all students has spread across the world, greatly increasing access to education by marginalized populations. Literacy is…

Identifying and isolating the impacts of privatization programs on students is challenging, especially when it comes to examining academic outcomes. Two main challenges stand out as obstacles for researchers: Distinguishing between the academic performance of a privatized education program and the selective efforts of the program; and difficulty in getting comparable data from private education programs…

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